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2010 Fishing Reports
6/30/10  King Mackerel and Dolphin inside of 15 miles with a few Sailfish in the mix.  All of last week was a
great Dolphin bite, one school after the next- but most of the fish were small (2-3pounds)- fun on light tackle.
Near the beach, still a few Cobia roaming around; Spanish Mackerel; Flounder bite is picking up.  Ran the
first Shark Trip of the season last week with Brian, Zach, and Jake from Ohio- great fishing- several Black
Tips & one Tiger Shark! Two of the fish took more than 30 minutes to land.  I will add links for the video
footage soon. 1st pic (Blacktip) was the smallest of the day

6/20/10  The Mahi and King Mackerel bite has been moving around from day to day in the 6 to 12 mile
range.  Congrats to Mike Turner's group for this season's first nearshore Sailfish release on Thursday, not
even seven miles offshore.  There are still some Cobia being caught from the beach on out.  On the beach,
Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish, 1 to 3 pounds.

We had to work for it this weekend- covered a lot of ground and a lot of sweat.  Saturday, we started inside
of 7 miles and caught one Mahi and missed another right away.  Ended up making it 21 miles, pulled the
hooks on another Mahi at the boat.  Caught a couple False Albecore and had only one or two King Mackerel
bites.  Fished on the bottom- Pink Snapper, Sea Bass, Grunts.. only one throw back Grouper.  The highlight
of the day was Hank's 30 minute fight with a 50 pound cobia.  

We fished with Brett's group on Sunday; we made it about 14 miles.  It took a while to find 'em, but we ended
up on a good King Mackerel bite.  Several Kings, False Albecore, caught one Mahi (had maybe 3 Mahi
bites for the day), one small Gag Grouper.

Offshore report- pretty blue water, flying fish, and bait starting at 4 miles yesterday. Good King Mackerel bite
yesterday in the 6 to 8 mile range and also over 20 miles- as many as you wanted.  We had a fair Mahi bite
in the 24 mile range, over a dozen fish, but mostly small fish.  Lost a nice a Sailfish 24 miles off yesterday-
pulled the hooks after 4 jumps.  

1/2 Days- There has been a consistent Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish bite near the beach with fish in the 1
to 3 pound range.  We've been catching a handful of King Mackerel in the 8 to 14 pound range on these trips
also.  We haven't fished for them this season, but there have been several nice Cobia up to 50 pounds
caught this week.

King Mackerel fishing did pick up this week in the 7 to 10 mile range; most of the fish are averaging  from 8
to 14 pounds.  We saw several flying fish inside of 10 miles yesterday, but the Mahi bite is still scattered.  
Check back soon; we'll have a few reports from the 20 to 30 mile range this week.

Beach water temp. is about 75 degrees.  Near the beach, the Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish bite has been
consistent with 30 plus fish while trolling on our 1/2 day trips.  We have also been catching Sea Bass and
Flounder with light tackle just a couple of miles offshore.

The strong front we had last week really threw off fishing offshore in the 7 to 20 mile range early this week.  
Our 8 hour trips caught King Mackerel, Bonito, Grouper, Sea Bass, Snapper, and a couple of sharks.. .lower
numbers than we were hoping for and no Mahi bites.... June is normally THE MONTH to fish for big Mahi
nearshore inside of 20 miles; we expect to see them any day.

Gulfstream has been consistent with real good Mahi fishing with a few of Wahoo and Sailfish in the mix.  
There are some billfish to be caught right now, but everyone has been making up for lost time with all of the

Beach water is about 73 degrees. King Mackerel and Dolphin (Mahi) fishing is picking up inside of 20 miles
offshore.  We had a nice Grouper in the 20 pound range 12 miles off the beach on Friday, which is a good
sign, but we are still waiting for the bait to show up between 7 and 15 miles.  The Gulf Stream bite is just
right with good gaffer Dolphin fishing, Wahoo, and Blackfin Tuna.  

Near the beach, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, and Atlantic Bonito trolling, and Flounder and Sea Bass on the

Beach water is 65 degrees.  Plenty of bait inside 10 miles; lots of big Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, False
Albecore, Atlantic Bonitas, and Sea Bass; several good catches of Gray Trout with a few Flounder in the mix.

Full Days- King Mackerel, Grouper, Snapper, Sea Bass, Amberjack, False Albecore, Bonitas

Gulf Stream bite has picked up.  Good Wahoo bite with several fish in the 60 to 80 pound range, Blackfin
Tuna, gaffer Dolphin (Mahi), and Sailfish.  There have been a handful of Blue Marlin released already this

Summer 2009 Fishing Reports
Near the beach, good Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish bite, shark fishing- Blacktips, Spinners, Sandbars,
and Hammerheads; a few nice drum and flounder in the inlet; a few nice sized King Mackerel and Cobia
being caught nearshore also.  A handful of Tarpon have been running just off the beach the past couple of
miles.  Bottom bite has been decent starting at the 8 mile range with many schools of Amberjack hanging
above a lot of these pieces of bottom.

1/2 Days- good Spanish Mackerel bite ranging from 1 to 4 pounds, Bluefish, and Sharks (Hammerheads,
Offshore- the water offshore to the south looked the best it has all summer yesterday- flying fish and plenty of
bait throughout the column.  Bottomfished with Jay, Steve, Tommy, and Greg- good sized Sea Bass, Grunts,
Pink Snappers, Red Snappers, and Gag Grouper. Unfortunately, the Red Snapper fishery is closed, so we
were unable to keep 'em.  Had a couple of King Mackerel and Mahi on the light lines while we were on the
bottom.  We did have to work through several sharks throughout the day.
The first pic is of a Sailfish we released the other day- smallest I've seen in several years.

7/27/10 Near the beach, fishing is good for Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish; the Shark fishing has been
consistent this week with Blacktips, Hammerheads, and Sandbars.  Last week's blow threw off the bite
offshore; as of Saturday, it had pushed a lot of the bait and fish out.  A few Mahi, King Mackerel, and
Barracuda caught this past weekend-  hopefully fishing offshore will pick up for the Sailfish Tournament this
Friday and Saturday.