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Fishing Report
Thursday, September 10, 2009

camera both were damaged beyond repair a few weeks back.  
3/4 and Full days are producing good catches of King Mackerel, Dolphin (Mahi), and Grouper.  We're
seeing limits of Kings almost every day with fish weighing up to 18 pounds.  The Dolphin that have
moved inshore of the Gulf Stream are averaging about 12 to 15 pounds.  The best of it has been
inside of 13 miles offshore; we've been hitting "blue water" inside of 10 miles- crystal clear blue
water, flying fish, and scattered grass.  Some grass beds were starting to line up yesterday on some
nearshore tide lines.
We've seen a few cobia this week, anywhere from the inlet to 20 miles.
1/2 days- Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish.  The Spanish fishing has been fairly consistant lately from
the beach to about 5 miles.  An average day will see from 30 to 40 Spanish.  We've caught several
Kings this week inside of 8 miles.  There are still a few of the chopper blues roaming around.  The
nearshore bottom offers some Sea Bass and Flounder.

Beach water is 65 degrees.  1/2 days are producing Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Trout, Sea Bass,
and Sharks.  There are still a couple schools of Atlantic Bonitas moving thru but this week will
probably be the last of them.  

Dolphin (mahi) and King Mackerel 25 miles off the beach yesterday!  Grouper and Snapper bite has
picked up this week with some Groupers weighing in over 20 pounds.
the beach, the Spanish and Bluefish have been keeping us busy.  We've been mixing it up a little on
the half days; first Spanish and Blues, then shark fishing, then an occasional Cobia, Mahi, or King 8
and 25 pounds are in as close as 7 miles.  Grouper bite is good between 12 and 20 miles.

Beach water is 73 degrees.  1/2 days last Thursday and Friday produced between 20 and 35
Spanish Mackerel and about 5 to 7 sharks.  We fished a full day on Sunday- Day of the Kings-
Went 3 out of 5 on the King Mackerel the first round about 13 miles off, pushed offshore found the
mother load.  Limited out in 4 circles (15 Kings), then released more than a half dozen.  Went to
some rock bottom to bottomfish for Grouper- they were definitely there.  Landed 5 Gags and lost
more than a dozen more.  The largest Grouper was 25 pounds.  Lost a Mahi at the boat on the light
line, and left the Amberjacks schooled up underneath the boat.  What a day..perfect weather and a
great bunch of guys-didn't take them long to get dialed in, thanks Wheeler.
fishing up to 30 pounds.  pics below from today... Lee family did a great job. others caught not
shown below...bonitas, mahi.  below- Mahi and King Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel fishing has been as good as it gets..80 to a 100 fish in the 2 plus pound range
on light tackle.  Shark fishing was fair yesterday...landed 4 out of 7 in the 40 pound range.  There
has been a few large King Mackerels caught on our half day trips as well.
Offshore was a little slow this past week from all of the hard SSW winds.  Scattered King Mackerel,
Amberjack, Mahi, Barracuda, Grouper.

1/2 days near the beach- great Spanish Mackerel fishing! averaging 30 - 60 plus fish from 1 to 3
pounds.   Middle of last week, five anglers caught their limit of Spanish Mackerel (75 fish) in 1 hour
on light tackle.  Shark fishing is getting better every week; right now, most of the sharks are
ranging from 30 to 80 pounds....great fight.

3/4 and full days-  offshore fishing has been consistent and good!  for more than a month, we've
been fishing inside of 15 miles offshore....no need to go more than 12 miles this week.  great
catches of Mahi and King Mackerel...even making time to drop on the bottom for some real nice
Gag Groupers 15 to 25 pounds.  Great start to the summer.